Sixth Form Digital Learning

Sidcot School is more than 300 years old but embraces the latest technologies to ensure our students are prepared for the modern world. It’s important to us that we use technology to enhance how our students learn and we manage the balance between new technologies and more traditional teaching methods.

All of our teaching staff use the latest Microsoft Surface Pro devices to enhance the classroom experience. These machines combine with interactive screens to provide access to a huge library of teaching resources, ensuring lessons are engaging as possible. 

To ensure we stay at the forefront of the latest technologies we have established a student led committee which meets regularly with key staff members to discuss our digital strategy. The Sidcot Technology Advisory Committee (STAC) work directly with the school’s Senior Management Team and have been instrumental in defining how we use technology as a school.

In the Senior School students are invited to bring in their own devices, through which they can access the school network and all of the available teaching resources. This allows them to work more independently and log into the school network from home.

Above everything we want to make sure that all of our staff and students can access technology safely. Clear guidelines have been established and comprehensive E-safety training for both students and parents is provided regularly.

You can find a copy of our Digital Security and Safety policies here.