We use a variety of teaching styles to engage your child and develop learning environments that suit everyone. We take the time to get to know them, to understand their strengths, their likes and dislikes; their funny little ways.

Our Quaker principles encourage us to ‘Live Adventurously’. That’s how we approach school life at Sidcot, in a way that develops curiosity and confidence and a life-long love of learning.

At Junior School the foundations are laid for an education for life.

Small classes, an inspiring curriculum and a caring ethos, are the vital ingredients in helping us create an enthusiasm for learning. Creative talents are fostered and academic skills are nurtured, encouraging the optimum development of every child. It is a place where children thrive and, most importantly, are happy.

Our measure of learning success is not just about test results, but takes into account each individual’s potential, in fact our children do not sit SATs tests. We want to develop well-balanced, well–educated children who understand the importance of honesty, courage, humility, respect and integrity. It is an aim that we achieve through first class pastoral care and an exciting, dynamic skills based curriculum that motivates children to develop enquiring minds and become independent and resourceful learners.

Learning in the Junior School is often characterised by calm concentration and at other times by a lively enthusiasm for learning. Students of all ages listen to teachers and to each other to excellent effect. They work co-operatively very successfully.
Independent Schools Inspectorate