The Sidcot Learning Wheel

At Sidcot our approach to learning is articulated by The Sidcot Learning Wheel.

The wheel is a tangible expression of the way the vision and values at Sidcot meet the learning of our students. It is a blueprint that identifies the personal qualities we develop and the teaching and learning strategies and support we provide. Learning at Sidcot nurtures the individual as well as providing challenge and support to ensure each student achieves their very best.

The Wheel describes the desire for our students to be ‘internationally minded’, ‘proactive’, to have ‘integrity’ and ‘empathy’, to be ‘thoughtful’ and ‘resilient’, and to be ‘curious enquirers’. Our teachers plan an exciting curriculum around these goals, while providing the necessary academic rigour in a supportive and collaborative environment. 

This ensures education at Sidcot produces effective, curious learners who have the emotional intelligence and employability skills to succeed in a multi-faceted and ever changing world.

In short, the Sidcot Learning Wheel encompasses the vital ingredients that bind our community together.

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Pupils have a highly developed sense of self, displaying authentic personal understanding and self-confidence without arrogance.
Independent Schools Inspectorate