Sidcot School Bursaries

Sidcot School bursaries take the form of means-tested discounts for new (and sometimes existing) students. Our independent school bursary is intended to help a student enter the School, and the majority or bursary recipients will continue to receive this support for the duration of their time at Sidcot. 

Hardship Bursaries are sometimes available to existing students, where a family's financial situation changes unexpectedly during their time at the School.

At Sidcot, we obtain funding for our bursaries from a number of different sources, including income from several trusts and endowment funds. The bursary funds are limited, so it is not always possible to meet all the requests for support.

Applications for September 2025 must be made by Friday 3 January 2025. Bursaries are reviewed annually and are awarded in line with our Bursary Policy and Procedure. The Bursary Policy and Procedure document and application form are available to download below:

What’s The Difference Between Bursaries And Scholarships?

Scholarships are also available for students at Sidcot - these are usually awarded due to a pupil’s talent in a particular subject, and entitle them to a discount on their school fees.

In contrast, Bursaries are there to provide more financial support to students, and are awarded on a means-tested basis. Find out more about Sidcot Scholarships.

If you have any questions about our Bursaries or Scholarships, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.