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Sidcot School aims to educate the whole person, to equip students with practical and personal skills alongside their academic qualifications. The teaching staff uses imaginative teaching methods to encourage students to see learning as an exciting, creative journey in which everyone can take part.
IB World Schools Evaluation Report 2022

“Jasmine and Joshua, had some very challenging times at both their previous schools, but since coming to Sidcot in year 8, they have absolutely thrived, are so happy and truly love their school.

I was reflecting back on their first taster day at Sidcot in Year 7, on picking them up, I asked them how it went, Jasmine replied “It’s amazing Daddy, the teachers actually treat you as equals.”  Joshua replied “Really good, it’s cool to be bright, and it doesn’t matter that I am not very good at football”.

Jasmine and Joshua, have both made so many great relationships with their teachers, been so stimulated and their hunger for knowledge so well fed, resulting in such great exam results without any pressure to perform, other than to put the effort in, which is all that can be asked of a student. The hard work of the teaching staff, to go beyond what is expected, and to do so graciously, and in a friendly and fun way is amazing; there doesn’t seem to be week of school that has gone by, when I don’t hear of tales of fun antics where the class has been in hysterics, but they still knuckle down and get their work done. The development of rounded, happy young adults, and the creation of so many incredible life experiences that they have had and will continue to have, is just phenomenal, with their fantastic exam results not just being a credit to them, but to the whole school, and the school ethos and environment.

We are also so grateful for all the opportunities at Sidcot, from the performing arts, in that if you would like to have a go on stage, the school will provide the stage and audience for them, with the time in such a supportive environment to learn their stage craft. And this has played an important role for both Jasmine and Joshua in providing a balance to their academic studies.

Thank you.”

Sidcot Parent

The Quaker values at the heart of the school’s moral compass are powerful and a major draw for parents seeking an education based on empathy and integrity as much as academic excellence.
Good Schools Guide
Pupils throughout the senior school praised their close relationships with their teachers and the focussed, creative energy within lessons was a testament to this. Of particular note was the embracing of a culture that makes learning fun, relevant and – importantly – active.
Good Schools Guide

Junior School

Learning in the Junior School is often characterised by calm concentration and at other times by a lively enthusiasm for learning. Students of all ages listen to teachers and to each other to excellent effect. They work co-operatively very successfully.
Independent Schools Inspectorate


There are solid numbers of international boarders (23 per cent of pupils), which enhance the school with an eclectic international flair and provide a ‘much celebrated, rich cultural environment’ according to parents.
Good Schools Guide

“I am very very grateful to the entire staff of Sidcot School! You have all made the "adventure" of boarding school an important part of my daughter's life in good and difficult times. My daughter has developed a lot with your help and support.”

Dr and Mrs Nesbit, Germany (International Baccalaureate)

“We were very happy with our Sidcot experience, its practices, its human and spiritual values - the School and the people that make it will be missed. We truly hope it shall remain one of the very bright spots and an anchor in our daughter's life.”

Mr Ilic and Mrs Rebelo Ilic, Belgium (International Baccalaureate)

“It has been a great year for Irene and of course for us. At the beginning of the year Irene phoned us crying because of homesickness. At the end of the year Irene cried because she would like to stay one year more in Sidcot. She has improved her English, made friends and she is now more self-confident. All I can say is that this has been a very good experience thanks to Sidcot, your values and your way of doing things.”

Merino and Mrs Rostaing Bellido, Spain (Y10)

“It was a fantastic experience for our son. He has adapted very well, he has made very good friends and everyone has helped to make it possible. He will always remember this year at Sidcot School and all his friends and teachers. We found Sidcot a fantastic School with all aspects, teaching method, challenging, teachers relation with the pupils and how they motivate them.”

Mr Mayans and Mrs Catchot, Spain (Y10)