Peace & Global Studies

At Sidcot, the Centre for Peace and Global Studies works to create a learning environment where students and staff are able to explore and understand how we embody the qualities of peace in the way that we engage with each other across the school community. We feel it is important to help students make sense of the world around them.

Peace education is embedded throughout Sidcot, without structured lessons, but a way of life, of being. Our aim is to create a school filled with Peacemakers and Changemakers. We facilitate learning, and give voices and ways to follow through on the things we say are important. We want students to be able to discern and to be able to ask questions about what they see and hear.

We know in the culture of a busy school it is vital to engage students and staff with the essential elements of peace, those of tolerance, acceptance, empathy and understanding. Communicating our Quaker values has always been a key part of our educational approach. Our Centre for Peace and Global Studies aims to bring 21st Century Quakerism to life. Within the curriculum and throughout the school we encourage students to look into the community and the wider world.

Throughout the year there are talks, films and cultural activities which enrich the curriculum and offer students an opportunity to think about social and environmental justice.

We have a yurt village that offers an alternative learning environment in which students immerse themselves in issues that matter. We also offer the use of the yurts to the local community and charities.

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Students are learning the essential skills of empathy, creativity, leadership, and teamwork at Ashoka Changemaker Schools so that they can thrive in the modern world and find solutions to our most complex problems. Ashoka Changemaker Schools enable all students to become changemakers—young people who have the skills and confidence to change the world for the good of all.
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