Monitoring Progress

At Sidcot Junior School, we monitor progress regularly throughout the school year to ensure we are always delivering what every child needs at every stage of their learning journey. The curriculum we deliver at Sidcot is designed to fulfil the goals set out in the Sidcot Learning Wheel. These goals go further than academic achievements to see the student as an individual with rich interests and ambitions. We monitor pupil progress alongside this to bring out the best in every student.

How We Monitor Pupil Progress

Monitoring pupil progress is done in two ways; reports and parents’ meetings. Thorough and consistent monitoring of pupil progress alongside direct communication with parents means that everyone involved can work towards the best outcome for each child.


Reports are provided four times a year in the Junior School from year 1 to year 6. Reports will vary in length throughout the year and will be distributed in October, December, March, and June. 

  • October - parents receive a settling in report to monitor how children have adapted to their new school year and class
  • December and March - these are interim monitoring reports to check in with pupil progress
  • June - a full end of year report summarising the academic year before children move into the next stage of their education 

Parents' Meetings

There are two parents’ meetings scheduled in November and March. The November meeting is to coincide with the settling in report handed out in October. This is an opportunity for us to officially meet parents for the first time and a chance for parents to ask questions or raise any concerns arising from the settling in report.

The March meeting works in tandem with the March monitoring report and is our ‘Learning Journey’ meeting. Children are encouraged to share their work with their parents, and teachers are also available at this time to answer any queries. 

Monitoring Progress For Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2

Sidcot Junior School is a SATs Free Zone. This means our students do not take part in national SATs tests. We assess pupil progress in other ways that we feel are more tailored to the needs of each individual child. 

Instead, we provide parents with assessment data at the end of each Key Stage. For Key Stage 1, this is at the end of Year 2 when children are 7. For Key Stage 2, this is at the end of Year 6 before children move into Senior School. 

Please join us for one of our open days to ask us more about how we monitor pupil progress, request a prospectus to read about our curriculum, or discover how the admissions process works at Sidcot School.