(English as an Additional Language)

Students whose first language is not English are assessed and may be offered the opportunity to study an IGCSE in English As An Additional Language alongside or instead of first language English GCSE. They may also be offered a programme of individual or small group English lessons, which are put in place to develop their general English language skills and to help them with English for their subjects.

Students will usually have one 50-minute individual lesson per week and where it is deemed that more than one lesson is required this can be arranged in consultation with parents and/or guardians. The teacher will design an individual programme of work according to the specific language learning needs of each student.

EAL lessons are charged at an hourly rate for individual lessons with students paying for a block of ten lessons at the start of each term. In some cases this will need to be supplemented with further payments depending on the number of lessons taught.

EAL Exams

Where appropriate students are encouraged to enter externally assessed EAL exams. We use the Cambridge Assessment English exams which are recognised worldwide:

  • PET for schools (Preliminary English Test for schools)
  • Cambridge FCE (First Certificate in English)
  • CAE (Cambridge Advanced English)

These exams test reading, writing, listening and speaking skills; use of English (grammar) and vocabulary.

Foreign Language Exams

Overseas students may take a GCSE examination at the end of the Upper Fifth in their native language e.g. Chinese, Malay, Indonesian, Russian, Thai and Japanese.