Colours and Awards for Sport and PE’

PE Colours

Physical Education Colours are awarded to students in Key Stage 3, Key Stage 4 and Key Stage 5 who have

shown commitment to their studies. They will have demonstrated effort, determination and a willingness

to embrace the challenges in their PE, GCSE and BTEC Sport lessons. They may have had significant success

during the term, but this will be based on personal progress and attainment rather than just on grades achieved.


Sport Colours

Sports colours are awarded to students who represent the school in the major games or who have been

selected for representative honours regionally or beyond in other sports. They will have shown commitment

throughout the season to both practice and fixture availability. They will have demonstrated a good, positive

sporting attitude on all occasions, both in practice and matches and are a positive role model both in and

out of school. They may also have shown the ability to be a ‘game changer’ in terms of ability/performance.



The End of Year Prize Giving Awards for Sport

At the end of the academic year there is a prize giving assembly where the school awards are presented.


Falkner Hill Sports Awards

Created by Dr Falkner Hill, Sidcot 1887-1893.

These awards are given to students who have shown

commitment, ability and dedication to Sidcot Sport throughout the year.


The Adrian Gardner Award

Created in 1971 by his parents, Head pupil 1970, awarded to excellent sportsman and school office holder