Third Form (Year 7)

Rosie Sisson
Rosie Sisson
Head of Third Form (Year 7)

"Third Form (Year 7) is an important year group at Sidcot. It is the year of transfer from Junior to Senior school, and a time when many students join Sidcot from elsewhere."

"At this key time of transition we make sure that students feel that they can be themselves and develop their own characteristics. We ensure that they have good role models and feel safe on their journey to becoming more independent. We encourage a curious and adventurous attitude and nurture an environment where asking questions is welcomed. They are encouraged to learn about getting on with one another, to understand and accept diversity, and to enjoy growing and learning together."

"From the moment a child joins Third Form (Year 7) they are involved in activities: House events, team building events, the Maths Challenge workshop, Quaker week activities, pool parties and barbecues, treasure hunts in the school grounds, music workshops, trips and charity appeals. Year 7 is definitely an exciting and busy time here at Sidcot."

"Third Form (Year 7) is a great year for our students, a time when they develop and flourish, becoming more confident and considerate of others and learning to be comfortable with who they are.”