The Boarding Houses

The facilities in each of the boarding houses are broadly similar. When a student joins, they will share a room with two or three others, giving them a chance to make friends in the house. Lower Sixth students share with one or two students; Upper Sixth students have their own study or bedroom, or share with another student. Some students like to study in their rooms, whereas others use the library. On the whole, though, the houses are homes, places to relax and socialise and share experiences.

Each house has a comfortable common room with TV, DVD and games console, WiFi and a small students’ kitchen. A Housemaster/Housemistress is responsible for looking after the students’ welfare and ensuring that life in the house is a good humoured experience that students will look back on with fondness.

Options for boarding

As well as full boarding, options for both weekly and flexi-boarding may be available. Recognising the changing needs of families, our approach to boarding is flexible. Whilst the majority of our boarders are full time, we are happy to discuss other options to meet particular needs. 

Virtual Reality Video Tour

If you're interested in taking a 360‎° virtual tour of the School's boarding facilities, check out our video below. 

The provision is outstanding. Boarders state that there are a wide variety of people that they can approach if they need personal guidance or support and these include student office holders, tutors, nurses, the school counsellor and other members of staff.
OFSTED Inspection Report for Boarding