Junior School Sports

Our location in the beautiful North Somerset countryside means we have plenty of space for sports and are understandably proud of the excellent facilities on offer at Sidcot. We are able to offer children multiple sporting opportunities, and from their earliest years with us, all our pupils have regular sports sessions to set them on the path to a healthy relationship with sport and perhaps even sporting success.

Junior School Sports Lessons

From Nursery and Reception, children will take part in PE lessons and swimming sessions. 

In Year 1 and 2, children go on to have two PE lessons a week and one swimming session. 

Then in Years 3 to 6, students have two PE lessons, a games afternoon, and a swimming session every week.

As with everything at Sidcot, Junior School sports lessons are designed to uphold our aims and values. As such, our sports lessons focus on the enjoyment of physical activity, not just the competitive element. Children need to experience the joy of winning and succeeding, but we make sure this is about achieving personal goals, not just being ‘the best’. It’s important that sport is fun and exciting for everyone.

Junior School Sports Facilities 

Junior School sports are varied and many, so every student can find something that engages and enriches them. Our outstanding sports centre and facilities reflect this and include: 

  • A 25m indoor swimming pool
  • A multi gym and studio
  • Sports hall with sprung floor for gymnastics
  • All weather football, hockey and rugby pitches
  • Tennis courts
  • Extensive playing fields

The Junior School makes full use of all of these so that by the time children reach Senior School they are very familiar with the sports centre and facilities. Children will have often found the sport that they want to pursue, or even compete in.

Extra Curricular Sports Activities

As well as those sports offered on the curriculum, we also have an equestrian centre for keen horse riders, where they can board their own horse or access riding lessons. We also have countless other sports activities for children to get involved in, such as fencing, yoga, and CrossFit. These are offered as part of our extra curricular programme and expand on our ethos of living adventurously. 

Sports can help children to build positive relationships, manage wellbeing, and develop their own character. We encourage all Junior School children to find a sport they love and make it their own. Browse the Key Stage 1 PE Curriculum and Key Stage 2 PE Curriculum to see how sports fit into life at Sidcot Junior School. 

Visit our sports centre and facilities to see for yourself the first class amenities on offer, request a prospectus to read how sports fit into the curriculum, or find out how our admissions process works if you’d like to become a part of the Sidcot School community.