Welcome to North Somerset

Somerset is an idyllic and fascinating county located in the South West of England. With close links to major cities, easy access to beautiful beaches and an array of bustling towns, you’d be hard-pressed to ever be bored in Somerset. With such diverse surroundings, students at Sidcot School have a wide choice of activities on their doorstep and a rich, cultural environment to endlessly enjoy.

North Somerset

Somerset is bordered by many other beautiful South Western counties. North Somerset is bordered by Bristol (a ceremonial county) and Gloucestershire, home to its own selection of stunning towns and villages. Clevedon in North Somerset was, in fact, named as one of the best places to live in a list of 250 best places to live in the UK. Other key areas to visit in North Somerset are Weston-Super-Mare, Portishead, and Nailsea, each offering something different.

Bigger cities such as Bath, Wells and Bristol are all nearby and, with excellent transport links, the centre of London is just a two-hour drive away - or less if travelling by train. The harmony of rural life with easy access to larger towns and cities is what makes North Somerset a beautiful location for an independent school. Independent schools in Somerset offer a tranquil and immersive base to learn and study, yet also provide opportunities to stretch the student experience and enjoy everything the surrounding cities have to offer too.

Things to Do in North Somerset

There’s no shortage of things to do in North Somerset. You can easily spend a day walking along the stunning coastline or immersing yourself in history at Wells Cathedral. North Somerset is a rich backdrop for anyone wanting to relax, learn or play. Each area of North Somerset offers its own attractions and as an independent school in Somerset, we make the most of each of them: 

1. Clevedon

Clevedon is a pretty coastal town about half an hour away from Bristol. You’ll find a beautiful pier, views across to Wales and one of the oldest cinemas in Britain, the Curzon. There is also the Poets Walk to enjoy, named in honour of famous poets like Alfred Tennyson, and budding TV or film makers can see where popular ITV programme Broadchurch was filmed. 

2. Portishead

Portishead is the perfect place for water-based activities. You can walk along the River Estuary and out to the Portishead Point Lighthouse. You’ll also find Battery Point, which was used during both the English Civil War and World War II to defend the Severn Estuary. For lovers of swimming, Portishead has its own open air pool, much loved by children and adults alike.

3. Weston Super Mare

Weston-Super-Mare is a quintessential seaside town with traditional fish and chips, fairground rides and a recently rebuilt pier. For many in North Somerset, a visit to Weston-Super-Mare is a rite of passage. Student boarders from private schools in Somerset can soak up the fun of the seaside on organised trips and excursions.

4. Nailsea

Nailsea offers a rural getaway for anyone in North Somerset. Surrounded by rolling countryside, you’ll find scenic walks and stunning views. Nailsea is an historic town that was home to the Nailsea Glassworks, while you can still visit Tithe Barn, originally constructed in the 14th century. 

As an independent school in Somerset, it’s important to us that the culture and history of North Somerset is weaved into our activities and school events. There are frequent organised days out to many of Somerset’s attractions and towns. This gives students the opportunity to learn by doing and to expand their understanding of different people and places.

Cities Near North Somerset

Private schools in Somerset not only get the benefit of small towns and a mindful way of life, but they can also soak in the sights of bigger cities. This balance of rural and urban offers well-rounded and diverse experiences that help to inform decisions and shape futures. Bristol is just 15 miles from Sidcot, with Bath only an hour away, and London two hours by car.

1. Bristol

The closest city to Sidcot School is Bristol. Bristol is a dynamic city full of history and entertainment, with a vibrant and creative heart. You can easily fill your day at the shops and cafes in the city centre and take in expressive street art or live music as you do. Visit Wapping Wharf to take a boat ride or marvel at Bristol Cathedral and the spectacular church hall inside. 

Bristol Airport is just 9 miles away too, making international travel and adventures easy and accessible.

2. Bath

The cobbled streets of Bath are lined with entertainment and independent shops. Away from this, there are also the Roman Baths, where people once came from all over Britain to worship and bathe. Students with an interest in architecture will enjoy the Georgian features seen on buildings throughout the city and, with some of the best museums in North Somerset, a visit to Bath is a must for anyone with an interest in history.

3. London

London likely needs no introduction. The UK capital is home to some of the most famous landmarks in the world, not to mention it’s a stone's throw from some of the most prestigious universities. Having easy access to London, via car or train, gives anyone living in North Somerset the chance to expand their horizons or simply immerse themselves in culture. London is home to many exciting boroughs, from leafy suburbs to inner city areas, each inspiring in its own way.

Events in North Somerset

The most notable event in Somerset is the world famous Glastonbury Festival that takes place once a year in June. However, North Somerset has a full roster of other events throughout the year for people of all ages and interests. The Outdoor Theatre at Goldney Hall Gardens hosts plays and shows in the warmer months. You’ll also find a Quaker trail here amongst the breath taking gardens. There are organised treasure hunts around Bristol and, for a show-stopping day out, the Weston-Super-Mare Carnival happens in November and is a feat of light, colour and creativity.

As with any school, independent schools in Somerset have regularly scheduled holidays where pupils can spend time with their family and take a break from school life. Making the most of North Somerset and its various events is not just a great way to spend some of the holidays but means that even during these times, students are immersing themselves in everything life has to offer and enriching themselves while having fun. 

A North Somerset Education

Independent schools in Somerset, much like many schools across the country, provide children and young adults with incredible opportunities to learn and develop. Helping students to progress through their exams and educational milestones is of the utmost importance.

What North Somerset has that's particularly unique is the chance to study and grow in a range of satisfying and exciting environments. The lush countryside of North Somerset is a playground for lovers of sport, or adventurers wanting to relish the great outdoors. Keen riders can hack their way through the hills and valleys, while aspiring actors can revel in the culture and noise of cities like Bristol and even London. 

At Sidcot, tranquil days of studying and furthering interests are bookended by weekends spent doing activities or taking part in charity work or sustainable causes. Trips can be organised to stir enthusiasm for new subjects, and students can share their various passions, from historical moments to artistic endeavours, knowing that a new opportunity is always nearby. Students attending Sidcot School are not limited to either country or city life, but truly get the best of both worlds.

The Sidcot Difference

The Sidcot difference is at the heart of everything we do as an independent school in Somerset. Our beautiful location helps us to make this difference and to deliver our values so that every student can thrive.

North Somerset is definitely a place worth visiting, and we would love to show you around our school and tell you more about what matters to us. We have open mornings or private school tours, as well as Junior taster days on offer. Please contact us to arrange a visit and see why choosing an independent school in Somerset promises a great start.