Languages In Junior School

Learning languages is easier the earlier we start, which is why all Sidcot Junior School students take language lessons. This helps to embed the basics before children move into Senior School and develop their knowledge and fluency further.

Teaching Languages To Children

There are many benefits to teaching languages to children. All children from Reception to Year 6 have specialist language provision. We believe that an awareness, understanding, and enjoyment of languages is essential in the modern world. Learning languages helps children to:

  • Understand other cultures
  • Connect and communicate with the world around them
  • Improve memory recall
  • Concentrate better
  • Develop listening skills
  • Gain confidence

As children become adults, the ability to speak other languages opens up multiple possibilities and helps them to continue to live adventurously long after they have left Sidcot School. It also gives them the chance to make a difference in the world when they are able to access more of it. Teaching children languages in Junior School is the building block for such opportunities. 

Junior School Languages

Junior School pupils are taught three languages: French, Spanish, and German. The British Council identified these as priority languages that students should be learning. 

In addition to these core languages, Junior School students are also introduced to other languages, including Italian, Chinese (Mandarin and Cantonese), and Russian. These are taught by international pupils from the Senior School, during our annual International Week of Languages. Not only do Junior School students get an introduction to new languages, but they also get the opportunity to learn about other cultures and to get to know international students with inspiring stories to tell.

Language Lessons

All children from Reception to Year 6 have one language lesson per week. Students in Year 6 can continue with their French using the ‘Access Studio’ programme. This prepares them for learning French in the Senior School where language lessons will be more frequent and start to build on what children already know.

We’d be delighted to tell you more about our language provision and how it encourages children to be internationally minded as part of the Sidcot Learning Wheel. Please request a prospectus, or visit us to see our aims and values in action.