Employment at Sidcot

Here at Sidcot we have a Quaker legacy upon which we hold ourselves to account and through our values we look to challenge and support each other to be all that we can be.

Sidcot School is committed to education that equips young people with the knowledge, skills and confidence to help create a socially just and environmentally sustainable world.

In order to meet this commitment we actively seek employees with the skills and qualities that enable our school to create a meaningful and stimulating learning environment. We look for passion and professionalism in our people and value the ideas and creativity with which staff solve problems and create solutions.

Building a vibrant learning community requires team players who are willing to listen and take the time to connect to others. An internationally diverse student community offers the opportunity to explore a wide range of issues that occur within the curriculum, as an active learner yourself you will bring contemporary global issues in to your lessons.

The ability to engage in critical reflection is an important part of the performance review system here at Sidcot, by actively seeking constructive feedback we value the multiple-perspectives that allow us to learn and develop.

We pride ourselves on a tolerant school community, this requires empathy and understanding and those that join our school hold an inclusive mind-set from which they which seek to understand and connect authentically to others. 

Sidcot employee profile

Qualities: what and how

  • Tolerant – from empathy and a commitment to the respect of others

  • Inquisitive – from curiosity and a commitment to the pursuit of learning

  • Compassionate – from kindness and a commitment to an authentic connection to others

  • Globally minded – from connection and a commitment to seeking understanding

  • Sustainable – from simplicity and a commitment to reducing waste

  •  Peaceful – from kindness and a commitment to truth and equality

  • Integrity – from knowing oneself and a commitment to clearly held values​


  1. Committed – A positive attitude and willingness to bring the best of oneself at all times.

  2. Flexible – Shows a supportive attitude toward change, able to adapt own practise and is willing to work with others in developing new ideas.

  3. Critically – Reflective practitioner: – able to stand back from own practise and welcome constructive feedback from others.

  4. Responsible – Able to manage own workload against a clear set of professional standards.

  5. Objective – Fair and unbiased, able to gather information and seek input before making decisions.

  6. Principled – Hold clear values that shape choices and inform behaviour, show discretion and uphold truth at all times.

  7. Tolerant – Create and maintain respectful relationships with all people, able to see multiple perspectives.

  8. Reliable – Follow through on promises and consistently complete work on time to a high standard.

  9. Communication – Sociable personality and a friendly approach, with strong and inclusive communication skills, able to connect with empathy and understanding to others.

  10. Inclusive – Able to create caring relationships which ensure that a diverse community of people all have a voice and feel able to contribute.

  11. Team player – Demonstrate a willingness to work well with others, collaborate effectively, and share credit.

  12. Inquisitive and curious – Active learner who keeps up to date with global issues and uses this to shape best practice.

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