Love Learning

Our approach to learning is different to other schools; the environment we live in, the way in which we teach and our Quaker values make Sidcot students’ learning distinct.

Love LearningWe begin with the fundamental belief that each child joins us with limitless potential. Our innovative approach to teaching focuses on the individual - we understand that everyone learns differently and we are lucky to enjoy the luxury of space and time to support each of our student’s learning styles. Sidcot develops students with inquisitive minds, who take responsibility for their learning and take it in exciting and unexpected directions.

At a time when curriculum choices throughout the education sector are narrowing, at Sidcot we keep options as broad as possible for as long as possible. We strongly believe that education is about expanding possibilities and discovering potential, not just passing tests.

Sidcot is not an academically selective school, however, students of all abilities excel here. Our approach is designed to achieve the best academic outcomes for every student regardless of ability.  Our experience shows that a student who is inspired and self-motivated to learn will not only achieve their academic potential but will also leave Sidcot with a passion to take their learning further.