What will you do on this course?

Applications and Interpretation of Mathematics will be offered at both SL and HL for students who are interested in developing their mathematics

for describing our world, modelling and solving practical problems using the power of technology. Students who take Mathematics: Applications and interpretation will be those who enjoy mathematics best when seen in a practical context.

How will you be assessed?

Higher Level Maths: During the course, the students will undertake a project, worth 20%. The end of course assessment comprises three examination papers;

Standard Level Maths: During the course, the student will undertake a project worth 20%. This is assessed by the teacher and externally moderated by the IBO. The end of course assessment comprises two examination papers.

What could this course lead to?

Higher Level Mathematics: The course provides a sound basis for students wishing to pursue Sciences,

Economics or similar mathematics-related courses at university level. The course covers a wide range of traditional topics with detail and rigour, enabling the students to develop high standards of mathematical processing and  problem solving.

Standard Level Mathematics: This course provides grounding for students considering a degree in a subject which requires mathematical understanding including Natural Sciences, Social Sciences, Business and Economics.


IB Mathematics can be a challenging subject for some students. Ask your Maths teacher for advice about your suitability for this course.