Theory of Knowledge

The Theory of Knowledge (TOK) aspect of the International Baccalaureate is fundamental to the way the whole Diploma course operates. TOK comes into the way each subject in every one of the six groups is taught. In addition there will be two timetabled periods per week dedicated to discussion and development of ideas. The main theme of TOK is a questioning approach. Knowledge and “known facts” are considered – are they true, and can we be sure that they are true? Contemporary issues, moral and ethical issues, and some issues which have been around for centuries will all be debated. Students may have a certain leaning towards one subject more than another. Teachers will obviously have a leaning to their specialist subject. This will affect how individuals approach TOK. Mathematicians will “know” things in a very different way to historians. Throughout the course students will study the way in which a number of different subject areas approach “truth”. The areas are Mathematics, Natural Sciences, Human Sciences, History, Arts and Ethics. The assessment for this section of the IB Diploma will be in two parts. The first is an essay – the choice of titles is given by the IB. Students will also have to prepare, give and evaluate a presentation for the rest of the class on a topic of their choice, assessed by the teacher.