What will you do on this course?

In A Level Business Studies you will receive a good grounding in all aspects of business. You will study everything from Marketing to Operations Management to Finance, where you will learn how to analyse a company’s financial statements. We also study basic Economics with a particular emphasis on trade. The transferable skills underpinning the A Level course, also include: making and presenting arguments, making and justifying decisions, identifying problems and proposing solutions, recognising that a problem exists, conducting research and challenging assumptions.

How will you be assessed?

Business Studies is linear, assessed over two years and is 100% exam based.

What could this course lead to?

Business Studies at A Level helps students to develop a whole variety of transferable skills and an understanding of the business world that will be of benefit when pursuing a range of courses. Any business management or accounting and finance based courses would be much easier to tackle with a Business Studies A Level. Also, because Business Studies is so varied at A Level it could light the fire of interest in any one of the following subject areas covered: Leadership and decision making in management, motivational theories, human resource management. The course also opens the door to studies in the marketing area.


While a GCSE in Business Studies is advantageous it is not a prerequisite.

What syllabus do you follow?

AQA 7132