English Language A: Literature

What will you do on this course?

The Language A: Literature course offers exciting opportunities to tailor texts for individual cultural and literary interests. The course needs to span historical periods of production and countries of origin and is studied at both Higher and Standard Level. 2019 heralds a new course and the details are in the process of being refined by IBSCA. However, the assessment decisions are clarified.

How will you be assessed?

Two Final exams:

Paper 1: 2 unseen literary texts with guided questions addressing form  and  content respectively. SL analyse one passage only. 1 HR 15. HL do both. 2 hrs 15 . 35% .

Paper 2: comparative literary essay about 2 works in response to a thesis question chosen out of 4. Wide choice of texts; including those studied in translation . There is no genre focus but texts cannot be studied elsewhere.

1 HR 45 mins. SL 35% . HL 25%.

HL candidates write an essay to demonstrate a deeper understanding of the nature of linguistic   or literary study. 1200-1500 word formal essay following their choice of inquiry into a text. Non- literary texts may be studied too and any courses texts not studied for internal assessment or paper

2. 20 % for HL.

Internal assessment. Individual Oral.

15 minute individual oral. 10 minutes student analysis in connection with a global issue.

5 minutes teacher led discussion to develop depth of analysis.Students discuss one text studied in translation and one text written originally in English.

Students select an extract from their chosen text to anchor their analysis and explore how meaning is constructed, in connection with the chosen global issue.

The discussion is recorded. S L: 30% . HL: 20%.

Students also compile a Learner Portfolio to record their preparations of the internal assessment and exam papers. This journal reflects on studied texts and records activities to creatively and critically engage students. Although not assessed it is a central element of the new course.

What could this course lead to?

The critical and presentation skills IB courses refine are highly sought after by most employers. It is excellent preparation for university life and academic writing.