A Level Geography

What will you do on this course?

Students will study a balance of human and physical options. The geography course is intellectually stimulating and relevant to the ‘real world’. It is designed to highlight the main issues and concepts that young adults are likely to encounter in their current and future lives, such that they can make better informed decisions and be sensitive to a wide range of viewpoints and challenges. The syllabus is concept and issues based and enables students to address topics which suit their locality or offer suitable practical experiences such as fieldwork. In Human Geography the students will learn about global systems and global governance, changing places and population and the environment. In Physical Geography the topics are, water and carbon cycles, coastal systems and landscapes and hazards. There is also a Non- Examined Assessment (NEA) which requires students to complete a 4 day residential field trip and produce an independent 3000-4000 word report on the data they have collected.

How will you be assessed?

At the end of Upper Sixth, students will sit two exams:

Physical Geography – 40% of the A Level grade

I chose to study Geography as I’m intrigued by how humans impact the world we live in. I’ve studied; how migration impacts a population structure, how gender inequality deprives a country’s development and how globalisation disadvantages the Southern Hemisphere countries.

Human Geography – 40% of the A Level grade The NEA is worth 20% of the A Level grade.

What could this course lead to? Students undertaking this course will be well equipped to move into an extensive range of

higher education courses in addition to Geography. While many courses may not make use of specific geographical knowledge, Geography is seen as

a facilitating subject as it develops many skills. Presentation of data, analysis and interpretation of information, application and interpretation of statistical skills are all developed throughout the

A Level course. Geographers are very skillful people which make them very desirable in the world of work. “Geography…least likely to be unemployed, only 7.4% were out of a job” – The Guardian News.

What syllabus do you follow?

AQA 7037