German A: Language & Literature

What will you do on this course?

The course structure consists of two literary and two thematic options. Students will enrich their linguistic skills through the detailed study of language in the context of politics, gender, sport, history and the media of Germany. You will also prepare six literary texts (four at Standard Level) which will be studied in depth. Short literary texts and films are sometimes studied to complement a topic.

How will you be assessed?

Further details are available through the Modern Languages Department, but in brief:

  • Two examination papers - a text comparison exercise and an essay paper

  • Two oral examinations - a one to one discussion with your teacher about a literary topic of your choice and group activities based on the core topics

  • Two written assignments in German totaling 1400-1600 words

What could this course lead to?

The bilingual diploma is a requirement for all native German speakers wishing to study at a German university. It is a highly prestigious qualification, valued by universities and employers alike.


You will need to be able to speak and understand German fluently and as for any language and literature based course, you will need to appreciate and enjoy exploring texts. You will need an inquiring and open mind to investigate literature and other texts further and have the confidence to explore, develop and express your own ideas. General reading of German texts, newspapers and journals is encouraged. An understanding of writing in different styles – formal letters, fiction, newspaper editorials, diary entries and speeches is also useful.