PE at Sidcot

What we do

It has been widely established that to be the best you can be, simply having the physical capabilities is not enough. Success in PE, sport and life comes from developing the skills that allow greater resilience, accountability, collaboration, communication and thinking skills.

The Sidcot Learning Wheel is at the heart of how we learn in PE and Games.

Meet the Team

Matt Lloyd, Director of Sport
Immy Mills, Teacher of PE
James Vecchio, Teacher of PE
Alex Guthrie, Teacher of PE
Alex Smith, Teacher of PE

What is Physical Education?

Physical Education is an educational process which aims to enhance total human development and performance through movement and the experience of a range of physical activities within an educational setting. Total development means acquiring activity specific skills and knowledge, as well as fostering positive attitudes and values which will be useful in later life. Physical Education can help us to achieve a quality of life and a vitality which can be lacking in sedentary lifestyles.


Work within the Physical Education Faculty is designed to support, contribute to and complement the aims of the school, by providing a broad, balanced and relevant programme of activities for all students. Within Physical Education we aim to provide an enjoyable and satisfying programme which allows all young people to develop physically, emotionally, socially and cognitively. Within the curriculum, our young people will be given the opportunity to develop as an individual foremost, then as a performer, and be involved in the evaluation and analysis of their own and others work. They will also be given the opportunity to officiate and lead when appropriate.


The development of tolerance, a sense of fair play and good sporting behaviour are considered an essential part of the learning progress. Our young people will be encouraged to recognise their own and others strengths and weaknesses and foster a sense of support which will enable development. They will also be made aware of sporting opportunities, both for career prospects and within leisure time.