7 Advantages Of Boarding Schools

Academic success is often what parents are looking to secure for their child when considering a boarding school education. With over 90% of boarding school students going on to study at higher education in the UK and abroad, this is understandably one of the attractive benefits of boarding school. However, there are many other advantages of boarding schools that go beyond educational attainment; from exposure to an international community to increased extracurricular opportunities, the benefits of boarding school are extensive and sure to help fully prepare your child for their future. 

The Benefits Of Boarding School

Students at boarding school are fully immersed in all aspects of school life. As well as enjoying the school day, students can access multiple extra-curricular activities, and spend additional time with their peers. Being so involved in school life is one of the true advantages of boarding schools. At Sidcot School students develop their emotional intelligence, their resilience, and their determination to improve the world they live in, which we believe is what really matters. The opportunity to develop these skills is, for us, one of the top benefits of boarding school.    

7 Advantages Of Boarding School

Boarding school life is rewarding, challenging and sets children up for a bright future. Some of the many advantages of boarding school include: 

1. Intellectual Growth

Conversations around learning can carry on long after lessons have finished thanks to extra time on campus. Children are able to discuss what they have learnt and new ideas they have had. Children develop a love of learning and are able to explore their passions without limits. 

2. Resources And Facilities 

The quality of the resources and facilities is one of the renowned advantages of boarding schools. It is a perfect environment for children with a thirst for learning but also for those who want to pursue other hobbies and passions, such as horse riding or team sports. At Sidcot, students live close to our libraries and sports centre and have lots of open green spaces to pursue the activities that help them live life to the full

3. Personal Growth

Access to varied opportunities means children have the time and ability to satisfy their curiosity and perhaps even surprise themselves. Sidcot School offers students the chance to try everything from art and drama to sporting endeavours and intellectual pursuits. Students can actively invest time in interests they’re most passionate about, which is one of the brilliant advantages of boarding schools.

4. Relationships 

Friendships flourish at boarding school. Children support and encourage one another, make lifelong friendships and share a wonderful experience. The teacher and student relationship is also a supportive one, with an increased level of mentorship and guidance. Interpersonal relationships give children a real sense of belonging and therefore boost student wellbeing

student teacher relationship at boarding school

5. Structure 

At boarding school, children are given a schedule and a timetable that includes lessons, meal times, and extracurricular activities. There are plenty of opportunities for downtime too. These routines help students to develop their time management and organisational skills ready for the challenges of further education and eventually a career. It also focuses young minds and encourages them to stay on task now to reap rewards later. 

6. Independence

Students naturally adapt to being away from home, looking after themselves, and managing responsibilities. Children learn to make their own decisions, navigate challenges, and prioritise their time. This fosters personal growth and self-reliance. From this, children learn the value of being themselves and forging their own path, which is one of the boarding school benefits that will last a lifetime.

7. Cultural Diversity

Living with peers from diverse backgrounds exposes students to different cultures and perspectives. We have a thriving international student provision at Sidcot School with students from over 30 nationalities learning with us. We have an ethos of equality and community, and an environment that values all individuals and the contribution they make to school and the wider world.

Flexible Boarding

Boarding school has so many rich and rewarding benefits. Students live in a close-knit community amongst an atmosphere of learning and support, with many opportunities to grow as individuals. Boarding schools also offer flexible boarding options so students get all of the benefits of boarding school without living on campus full time. Sidcot School offers flexible and weekly boarding for those students who want to immerse themselves in boarding school life and spend some time at home.

Boarding school gives children the chance to try anything and everything, and to become exactly who they want to be. Flexible boarding and day school options give more children access to these wonderful benefits of boarding school. A flexible approach to boarding can help you find the right balance for your child. No matter what boarding arrangement you choose, these solid foundations go on to create well-rounded and independent young people, who positively contribute to their communities and society as a whole.

Boarding At Sidcot School

Sidcot School is a leading independent co-educational school in North Somerset. Pupils can board with us from Year 7 when they enter Senior School, and live in one of our four boarding houses as well as come to us on a weekly or flexible boarding basis. If you’d like to find out more about boarding at Sidcot School, please contact us with any questions, request a prospectus, or join us for an open day or private tour