Playing for Your House and Your School

There are key sporting events that happen throughout the year where you will

represent your House. In Games lessons you will experience inter House events

as well as the two big sporting events of the year.


Senior Swimming Gala

Friday 25th March 2022

A range of swimming events from serious 50m

sprint races to fun woggle relays for you to gain

points for your house.


Senior Sports Day

Thursday 23rd June 2022

A real day of sport. Athletics, rounders, tennis, archery

tug of war and Ultimate Frisbee to name but a few.

Some competitive, others are an opportunity to

have a go at something new.

I just wanted to say that I thought the new sports day set up was fantastic. My daughter was actually looking forward to it and really enjoyed the day. It was lovely to watch my daughter play in the tennis tournament and enjoy it so much and from now on, she won’t worry at all about sports day.

Representing the School

We have a good programme  inter-school matches throughout the year in the major games:

Girls: Hockey, Netball, Rounders, Athletics

Boys: Rugby, Football, Cricket, Athletics


We also look to schedule matches to support activities we consider Minor games:

These include, Basketball, Boys Hockey, indoor Athletics, Cross Country and badminton


It is an HONOUR and a PRIVILEGE to represent the School and in being selected you have certain responsibilities. Remember: at Sidcot, sport should be a pleasure and, regardless of the result, you should focus on the enjoyment of playing alongside your team mates and what you can learn from the match in order for you to get better next time.




When a student is selected to represent the school they need to:

• check the Fixture list on and the Notice Boards in the sports centre.

• check the team sheet on and the Notice Boards in the sports centre.

• check the meet time and details on and the Notice Boards in the sports centre.

• ensure your match kit is clean.

• ask your teacher any questions about the match and the team selection.

• bring or wear TRACKSUIT BOTTOMS and the Training Jacket / Hoody (No leggings).

• arrive ON TIME.

• enjoy the game, play hard, do your best and remember your best is good enough.

• respect the opposition, the officials and your own team – BE POSITIVE.

• invite your parents to come and watch.

• stay for match tea.

• ‘check-out’ with your teacher before you leave


If you are the Captain - you need to:

• be brilliant at all of the above.

• make sure your team are all playing and know the details.

• help with kit and equipment.

• make sure you help with match teas and ensure the opposition get their snacks first.


How we communicate with students and families regarding our sport fixtures:


Face-to-face is by far the BEST form of communication, which is why it is essential you come to practice sessions after school.




• The notice boards in the Sports Centre

• The sports fixtures website:

• The School calendar:


Match cancelled

• Team Captain is made aware and helps to pass the message to the team.

• Sports Fixtures Webpage will be amended.

• Notice will be placed on the notice board in the Sports Centre.

• A note in the daily School bulletin if appropriate.


If we are late back from a match

If students have a mobile phone they can text parents with the approximate new arrival time.

The teacher in charge will try to inform the school and the Teacher on Duty.