Oliver! Drama Production

From the opening matinee on Wednesday 23 November to the closing night on Saturday 26 November, a cast and crew of 45 students dazzled in the School production of Oliver!. Featuring well known songs, spectacular vocals, and exciting choreography, all the students worked hard to entertain sell out shows. With 8 weeks to realise the production, the cast, crew and band worked tirelessly during PASS, afterschool and through weekend rehearsals to bring the production to life under the direction of Ebba Scherer, Ollie Painter and Paul Woolley.

DT and Drama Technician, Chris Glover, managed to transform the Large Meeting House into 19th Century London with his set build. Dedicated Year 12 sound technician, Cameron M, skillfully blended the radio mics to achieve perfection. Andy Darvill and Noya S created diverse atmospheres through their lighting design. Renee T, Flaminia S and Ruth B authentically transported the audience to Victorian London with their precise and playful costume design whilst Jess S and Theo C were calm and collected backstage, taking care of the props and transitions. Paul Woolley and his dedicated band mates Kimi P, Mandy T and Daisy D created a powerful and polished sound for the production, with Paul managing the starring role of 'sausage catcher' on one evening!

All the Oliver! cast played a huge role in ensuring the smooth running of the show, also acting as stagehands. Beau P as Oliver demonstrated his range as a young boy finding his identity. Misty HS dazzled with her stunning vocals as Nancy, up against a menacing Bill Sykes, played by the talented Daniel C. Never far from their side were Poppy L and Maud S starring as the lovely Bet. Zane G brought a taste of Bristol to the cheeky Artful Dodger, working the crowd with his sidekick, the hilariously expressive Charlie Bates, played by Jacob L. The mean spirited Sowerberry's were played by Caitlin R, Joshua D and Maisie W, supported by Freya P, Lois B and Theo M as Charlotte and Noah. They all worked hard on a high-tension fight scene, involving Oliver lifted and shut in a coffin.

The ever-dynamic Diana A played the complex Fagin with humour and faultless physicality, surrounded by the cheeky gang members, Nicholas C, Oscar E, Orlagh B, Cara E, Sarah M, and Hera K. A special shout out to Nicholas and Jacob for their hilarious depiction of the carriage horses (if you know, you know) during the delightful, 'I'd Do Anything!'. Charlotte D and Roxy R shone as the sweet Mrs Bedwin, and expertly pulled off the quickest costume change there ever was, to appear alongside Grace B as the Milk Maid in 'Who Will Buy'. Mattie E's calm and kind Mr Brownlow was a stark contrast against the flamboyant, vulgar Widow Corney and Mr Bumble, played by Hania G and Alice C - the ultimate comedy duo! Samuel W introduced the old crowd pleaser 'Oom Pah Pah' as the Chairman, and Alma M, Toby D, Poppy G, Laura A, Lissie A, Amelie H, Susanna F, Nerissa H and Angel D gave a fantastic rendition as pub-goers, alongside a huge range of other roles throughout the show! A huge congratulations and well done to them all for their dedication.

A heartfelt thank you to those who came to watch the performance! If you couldn't make it then please do enjoy some of the images from the show and ‘Consider Yourself’, one of us!