Eurovision Mania!

The boarders gathered in SHB common room to celebrate what has to be the highlight of everyone’s year: The Eurovision Song Contest! For those who had never heard of it, it was definitely an unforgettable experience. One of Sidcot’s strengths lies in its international cohort and that night, the boarders did their countries proud by cheering for Cyprus, Israel, Estonia, Azerbaijan, France, Italy, Switzerland, the UK, Russia, Spain, Germany, Belarus, Serbia! Other boarders whose countries had not qualified (Montenegro, Romania, Moldova, Latvia, Austria) or were not even part of the competition (Turkey, Luxembourg, China, Japan, Hong Kong, Kazakhstan) also joined and everyone had a great time, singing along, waving flags in the air and even dancing! The evening was definitely special and fun and I have the feeling that the floating Australian opera singer and the techno/industrial/punk rock Icelandic band will have made a long lasting impression on some of us!

Rafig Aliasgarov
International Head Boy (proudly representing Azerbaijan!)