Can Exercise Improve Academic Performance?

Exams and Exercise!

As we head into a very busy exam season I know that our students in Year 10, 11, 12 and 13 are all working hard to fit in study time often to the detriment of their physical and mental health.

I often reflect at this time of year that physical exercise and good quality social interaction actually helps academic performance. Over the last few years not one study has proven the opposite. Benefits for going to the gym and playing sport with friends as part of a planned study schedule has been proved to make great differences in exam performance. 

A recent BBC study said:

Since every 15 minutes of exercise improved performance by an average of about a quarter of a grade, it was possible children who carried out 60 minutes of exercise every day could improve their academic performance by a full grade - for example, from a C to a B, or a B to an A...

But don't just believe me... have a look for yourself:

Matt Lloyd
Director of Sport