BTEC Sport and A Level PE Trip to The University of Bath

BTEC Sport and A Level PE Trip to The University of Bath

On Tuesday the BTEC Sport and A Level PE Teams were treated to a visit to the Sports Training Village at the University of Bath. A unique experience of elite level sport and sport science.

We started the day in the indoor sprint track gracing the same space as gold medal Olympians Amy Williams and Lizzy Yarnold, Jason Gardener, Dai Greene and Colin Jackson. Using the laser timing equipment we embarked on a series of speed, agility and power tests. The friendly competition turned quite intense as the morning progressed…

20m Sprint Times:

1st – Tulsi = 2.87 seconds
2nd – Lennon = 2.99 seconds
3rd – Jamie = 3.03 seconds

5-0-5 agility Times:

1st – Tulsi = 2.34 seconds
2nd – Jamie = 2.35 seconds
3rd – Mr Lloyd = 2.38 Seconds

Standing jump height:

1st – Lennon = 51.1cm
2nd – Tulsi = 50.9cm
3rd – Mr Lloyd = 40.8cm

We then moved up to the sport science labs and Immy bravely volunteered for the VO2 Max test. Using the very same equipment that all of the top athletes use, Immy took part in a 26-minute run test that measured her oxygen uptake, and lactate levels bringing the theory to life for the students.

The toughest test was to come. Jamie agreed to the Wingate Anaerobic test. 30 Seconds max power on a bike sounds like it will be simple but this is far from simple. Many find the extreme effort overwhelming and vomit but not our Jamie.

A great day that will be repeated.

Check out the short film below.

Matt Lloyd
Director of Sport