British Schools Karting Championships 2020

The well practiced team of Will Ford, Harvey Lawrence and Captain Riley Philips took to the track in the first round of the National Karting Champs in their attempt to become National Winners. We certainly set the bar high for the rest of the area to look up to. This first round was an exciting affair and witnessed by Andy Butler, our School Minibus Coordinator, who is very interested in the progress of the team.

In the first race we went from 5th on the grid to 1st. then 4th to first place in the second race. The third race took us from 2nd on the grid to 1st and in the fourth race, possibly the best race we started, at 11th on the grid but came in first! The Fifth race in a slower kart took us from 9th to 5th and the final race was 88th to first. With five 1st place wins meant that Team Sidcot were the clear winners and progress to the Regional round in reading in June. Well done lads!

Matt Lloyd
Director of Sport