'Addams Family' Review

Following last term's performances of The Addams Family we have received this lovely review from Clara, a member of the audience.

“The Sidcot performance of 'The Addams Family' made for an evening like no other. Never have I seen such sheer energy and joie-de-vivre in a play for which the set is half graveyard, half haunted house, and nor have I seen a cast pull it off with such panache. An exceptional performance from the leads, with an absolutely charming chorus, a wild mix of humour and heartfelt emotion – this was a rollercoaster of a night, and were I not a very busy world renowned critic I would go again tonight. I cried real tears when Morticia threatened to leave, had to be restrained by my neighbour in the Apple shooting scene to stop me from screaming words of encouragement to young Wednesday, and left absolutely exhausted from the whole, wonderful ordeal. A joy to watch – 10 out of 10 stars and a big medal to every cast member.”

Clara Mann
Sidcotian (Class of 2019)