Why Choose An Independent Junior School?

As your child embarks on their educational journey, you want to provide the very best foundation to nurture their curiosity and ignite a lifelong love of learning. Independent junior schools offer a unique environment designed to do just that. Here, we'll delve into the many benefits of choosing an independent school for your child's crucial junior years. From smaller class sizes and specialist teaching to enriching programmes and a strong sense of community, discover why an independent junior school could be the perfect fit for your child's potential to blossom.

Small Class Sizes

Independent junior schools typically have small class sizes so that every child gets the attention they need to thrive. Teachers are able to spend more time with students individually, addressing their unique needs and helping them to develop their personal learning styles. This approach supports students to excel academically and develop a love of learning that will benefit them throughout their academic career. Small classes allow teachers to really get to know each child. This enables a nurturing, child-led approach to teaching, where every child is treated as an individual and encouraged to be themselves.

“My teacher knows me and how I work”

Specialist Teaching 

Independent junior schools have the freedom to choose their own curriculum, and can be innovative with their teaching styles. Core subjects are supported by project-based learning, extracurricular activities and immersive day trips, providing children at independent junior schools with dynamic learning experiences. This results in a holistic education where children are able to achieve in academic subjects, but also grow their passions and interests, and learn to live life to the full.

Another compelling reason to choose an independent junior school is the quality of the teaching staff. Teachers at Sidcot Junior School are not only highly qualified and experienced teachers, but are passionate about education and dedicated to helping students reach their full potential. Lessons in core subjects plus Languages, Music and Sport are often delivered by skilled specialist teachers who pass on their enthusiasm and excitement for their subjects. This opens up a world of opportunity for students, who are supported and encouraged in everything they do.

“Every day is different, I learn so much from my teachers”
specialist music teacher at an independent junior school


Independent junior schools have a huge range of extracurricular activities on offer, and exceptional facilities available to students, which is often a key draw for parents. Children can explore their interests and pursue their passions in drama, team sports, swimming, and arts and crafts, to name a few. This emphasis on activities beyond the classroom helps children to grow a strong sense of self. It also fosters creativity, encourages teamwork, and develops curiosity, leading to a well-rounded education.

Sidcot School is located in North Somerset and surrounded by 150 acres of countryside. This outdoor space enhances the opportunities to take learning outside and gives greater choice in the activities we offer. Weekly forest school lets children experience the great outdoors and learn about nature in a hands-on environment that sparks imagination. We also have our own equestrian centre where children can pursue their love of horse riding and get involved in team training.

“Our teachers take us outside as often as possible to learn from our surroundings”


The tailored curriculum, extra-curricular activities and the holistic approach to education at an independent junior school gives students more choice. Whether your child is interested in academic subjects, arts, sports, or a little bit of everything, pupils are given every opportunity to build on their skills and excel. The breadth of education and activities on offer also means that children experience things they might not otherwise have discovered, and many find they surprise themselves with new hobbies and interests.  

As well as these many benefits for students, at Sidcot School, parents are also listened to and understood. This is why we offer a flexible choice of wrap-around care. Our before and after-school provisions offer convenience for parents, as do our holiday clubs where children spend time in a familiar environment during school holidays. The vast selection of extra-curricular activities for students provides further development outside of the classroom and gives parents peace of mind that their children are safe and taken care of while doing something they love. With such a huge amount of choice, and continuity of care, children receive a seamless transition between school and home, and enjoy the daily routine

“There’s so much to do!”

Sidcot Independent Junior School

Choosing an independent junior school can provide your child with a nurturing, stimulating, and enriching experience that lays the foundation for lifelong learning and success. From personalised attention and an innovative curriculum, to a strong sense of community and a values-based education, these benefits can positively impact a child's academic achievement, emotional wellbeing, and future prospects. 

We would love to tell you more about the aims and values here at Sidcot School and how junior school sets children up for the next stage of their education. Please request a prospectus or, better yet, visit us for an open morning or private tour where you can see Sidcot Independent Junior School and discover how our students live adventurously through everything they do.