Festival of Peace 2024

Equality & Diversity  "Let Us Listen To The Other Side"

Saturday 15 June 12.00pm to 5.00pm in the James O'Connell Peace Field

Sidcot School invites you to the Sidcot Festival of Peace, our community festival including music, speakers, performances and more. This year, the festival is themed around our core Quaker values of Equality, Diversity and Inclusivity and is set to be a fantastic day out for all the family.

Thank you to the Sidcot Afro-Caribbean Society for choosing this year's strap line, 'Let Us Listen To The Other Side', translated from the Greek 'Audiatur et altera pars' - Aeschylus. Thank you to our Equality Office Holders for contributing to the logo design. Our sincere thanks also to the George Cadbury Trust and the Ganton Educational Trust for supporting this year's Festival of Peace.

*Please note: Unfortunately we are unable to allow dogs at this event, unless they are required as service animals.

Sidcot Festival of Peace 2024 logo


Ruth Butler, Representation Matters

Ruth has worked in both state and independent education, championing the essential role pastoral provisions take in ensuring the health and well-being of children and young people in schools. As a previous Deputy Head and Safeguarding Lead, Ruth has a wealth of experience in addressing the impact of challenging environments and incidents in shaping young people's lives.


Ruth Butler headshot

Julia Bush, Author, speaking on Bristol Quakers and African enslavement

Bristol was Britain's largest slave port in the early 18th century and leading Quaker families enriched themselves through direct and indirect involvement in transatlantic chattel slavery.  Research reveals local Quakers to have been slaveholders and slave traffickers as well as suppliers to the 'Africa trade' and importers of slave-grown produce. Bristol Quakers have recently committed themselves to uncovering this painful history, as part of a wider commitment to anti-racism and reparative justice. In her talk, Julia will explain the context of their research and share some examples of their findings.

Julia Bush Headshot

Bee Bailey is an openly trans police officer based in the south west region of the UK with 21 years' police service.

Today, Bee delivers guidance and presentations across Europe and the rest of the world, be that in person or remotely, exploring her own real life experiences, progressing trans and non-binary understanding, policy, best practices and law to varied audiences both within Police and law enforcement and external groups. 

A Trans Cop trying to make the world a slightly better place for LGBT+. 

Bee Bailey Headshot

Jess Shire is a body confidence advocate who founded ‘Postitively me!’, a social media forum that aims to promote self-love and through which she shares her own and other people’s journeys with body confidence.

Drawing on her personal experiences of being underweight, wearing a tube feed as a child, being bullied and having low self-confidence, Jess’s talk will focus on the opportunities that have been made possible as a result of Girlguiding, including an initiative for members aged between 16-25 called ‘Action for Change’. This nine-month social action project resulted in her staging a fashion show with models from different backgrounds, speaking at schools, writing a book segment, being a model in a body-positive fashion show in New York and speaking virtually at the UN at their ‘YOUNGA’ global conference. Jess also worked with Dove UK for their body confidence campaign.

Jess Shire Headshot


Caribbean Rootz are a local reggae band based in Bristol. They have over 100 songs in their set list, from 'One Love' by Bob Marley, to 'Red Red Wine' by UB40, and choose their set list based on the audience they're playing to!

Caribbean Rootz band photo

Dive into the sonic universe of Sugartax, a phenomenal multi-instrumentalist band that is set to redefine the musical landscape. Sugartax's anthemic trademark sound will fill stadiums. Their ballads have touched souls. Sugartax effortlessly captivate their audiences and listeners, their distinctive sound leaving a clear, indelible mark.

Sugartax playing live

Full Circle is an acoustic duo who play a mix of traditional and contemporary folk, jazz and blues.

Performances and Workshops

Circus Skills!

If you’ve ever wondered what it might be like to walk a tightrope, ride a unicycle, or be fired out of a cannon, Tom Hunt can help you in realising two of those three ambitions at our Festival of Peace!

Boasting a dizzying array of spinning plates, diabolos and flowersticks, Tom claims to be able to teach anyone to juggle in twenty minutes. Maybe he can. There’s only one way to find out!

Children's Storytelling

Join storyteller Michael Loader for a traditional story and then create one of your own through the help of visual props and the abundance of our own collected imagination.

What speaks to you most when you hear music? The melody, the rhythm or the lyrics?

Michael will lead us on this musical adventure with supplied percussion and pitched instruments to play tunes, make your own music and create your own song.

If you’ve got an instrument, please bring it along.

Join us also for:

  • Children's craft workshops
  • Student drama and music performances 
  • Our ponies, Mango and Poppet!


  • Breathing Yoga

  • Gong Sound Bath

  • Yoga Sessions

  • And more!


         Members of our Afro-Caribbean Society will be offering free food tasting of sweet African plantain chips. For just 50p, you will also be able to buy bags of plantain chips to enjoy.

  • Nigerian Puff Puff

         Another offer from our Afro-Caribbean Society is Nigerian puff puff balls! These yummy doughnut balls will come in several flavours including plain, Oreo, and Biscoff!


Over 18 stall-holders will be on site, including:

  • Jewellry

  • Wood-turning

  • Bath Bombs

  • Up-cycled gifts

  • And so much more!

Please remember to bring both cash and cards to support our independent, local stall-holders.

Other Activities

Prayer Yurt

Christians believe Jesus is the Prince of Peace. This means that through Jesus’ sacrifice, the relationship between God and humanity has been restored, which makes a way for inner peace and physical healing to be brought into this world through prayer. Come along to the Healing Yurt if you would like to receive God’s blessing for inner or physical healing. As it says in Psalm 34: ‘Taste and see that the Lord is good’.

Face Painting

Members of our Afro-Caribbean Society will be offering free face painting to all attendees, specialising in African patterns, animals, and nature painting.

Hair Wraps & Braids

Another stall run by the Sidcot Afro-Caribbean Society is offering free hair wraps and braids! Don't miss out on getting one of these amazing hair accessories.