Family Links Nurturing Programme

As you’ll have read elsewhere on this site, we believe that open, honest relationships are key to creating a happy, peaceful atmosphere in which children have the confidence to learn and grow. The teacher and pupil relationship alongside parent support are key to creating this positive emotional environment in our Junior School. This is why we work with the national charity, Family Links using their Nurturing Programme.

Pastoral Care At Sidcot Junior School

Pastoral care is at the heart of any school. Quality learning and development can only be successful when children feel seen, heard, and valued. What matters to Sidcot is every child having the space and freedom to be themselves so they can live life to the full. When children feel able to do this, they feel able to achieve anything. 

As part of the pastoral care provision in our Junior School, we have joined with the Family Links Nurturing Programme. This well-respected programme brings parents together with the staff responsible for looking after their child, and helps to foster healthy relationships in all areas of a child’s life. 

Holistic Support 

The Family Links Nurturing Programme is a national charity that promotes emotionally healthy relationships. 

Family Links supports parents, teachers and students in working together. Parent support is very much part of the holistic support system that we work towards in our Junior School. It’s important for teachers to have close links with parents, as it means everyone is working towards the same goals and outcomes for each individual child.

Child Development 

Having a solid link between parents and a nurturing teacher and pupil relationship, creates a place of safety for our children. These positive links between important people in a child’s life reinforce self esteem and this is when children flourish. Child development is so much more than a key stage or a year group at Sidcot School. 

Family Links encourages positive, open communication and reinforces a welcoming, calm and motivating environment. Child development and emotional health are incredibly important to us and Family Links helps us to meet children’s needs at every stage. 

Family Links in Action

We would love to tell you more about the Family Links Nurturing Programme and our partnership with them, as well as the many other ways we tend to the emotional health and wellbeing of our students in Junior School. 

Our programme of activities and our SATs free approach to learning are just some of the ways we encourage Junior School students to grow and develop. Family Links is another string to this bow. Please request a prospectus to find out more about Sidcot School or visit one of Junior School open days to see how pastoral care underpins life here at Sidcot School.