Valuing Others

Equality is one of the key Quakers values and it is central to life at Sidcot.

During their time at Sidcot students learn to speak up for their own opinions and values, and to listen with interest to the views of others. In lessons and in school activities everyone is encouraged to contribute to discussion and debate: not taking over, not opting out. 

Valuing othersIn this way students develop an enthusiasm for collaboration and co-creating. Their fellow students are often people whose stories are very different from their own: people from different backgrounds, different countries, races and religions, and people with different abilities. In this rich social environment, students come to take pride in their individuality and to enjoy the individuality of others.

Through example and practical experience they learn about working together. They develop the skills needed to negotiate and to build teams. They learn what it means to have boundaries and structure in relationships and, in engaging with others whose reactions and feelings may be different from their own, they develop empathy and emotional intelligence.

Mutual respect is a hallmark of relationships across all ages in the community.
Independent Schools Inspectorate