Making a Difference

In keeping with the ethos of its Quaker founders, Sidcot School has always been outward looking and pioneering. 

Making a Differnece

It is part of our educational approach that we enrich learning by increasing awareness and sensitivity to local and international matters. Social and ethical issues around social responsibility and peace and sustainability are live topics within the school. Students examine and discuss them, and reflect on their own intellectual and emotional responses. In doing so they come to understand how their actions can make a difference, and to appreciate the value of making a purposeful contribution to the world.

Equality is one of the key Quakers values and it is central to life at Sidcot. During their time at Sidcot students learn to speak up for their own opinions and values, and to listen with interest to the views of others. In lessons and in school activities everyone is encouraged to contribute to discussion and debate: not taking over, not opting out. 

In this way students develop an enthusiasm for collaboration and co-creating. Their fellow students are often people whose stories are very different from their own: people from different backgrounds, different countries, races and religions, and people with different abilities. In this rich social environment, students come to take pride in their individuality and to enjoy the individuality of others.

Our students choose a wide range of occupations and most go on to study at University. Along with their academic success, we also expect them to leave us as confident individuals with open minds and hearts. In the words of our Quakers values we want them to have learnt to ‘Let your life speak’.

Mutual respect is a hallmark of relationships across all ages in the community.
Independent Schools Inspectorate