International Admissions Process

If you are contacting Sidcot direct, without using an agent, the admissions procedure is the same as the UK entry procedure. If the student applying has an internationally recognised English qualification, they won’t have to do the English entrance assessment, if the score meets entry requirements.

Using an agent to find a school

If you decide, as many of our families do, to use an Agent to help find a school, please follow the procedure below.

Identify an Agent in your country you wish to use when applying to Sidcot. We work with many agents across the world. Even if your chosen agent is not one we have worked with before, they will be able to contact the school on your behalf and take your enquiry forward. Sidcot does not recommend one agency over another, that decision is yours to make.

Your agent will contact our Admissions office to register your interest in our school and send through your most recent school reports for our academic leadership team to consider and decide whether they wish to take your application further. We use these reports to make an early assessment of your child’s abilities so we can be sure that Sidcot can provide the appropriate education.

If you are successful in the preliminary assessment your child will be invited to take our entrance assessment in Maths and English. These tests are sat under exam conditions at the current school or agent’s office and all exams are retested on entry to the school at the beginning of the academic year. These tests make sure the student has the correct level of English to take part in the life of the school and that they can cope with the curriculum.

Alternatively these tests can be taken as part of a visit to the school where a family can enjoy a tour of the school and meet some students and teachers and boarding staff. There would also be an interview with the Headmaster or Deputy Head. Ability in English may be assessed during the interview or using examination results in English IGCSE or IELTS. In cases where a visit is not possible, we request an interview via Skype.

These arrangements will be made by your agent.

When the offer of a place is made, offer documentation will be sent to you or your agent by post. You will need to read and sign the Parents’ Agreement and Acceptance Form and return to Admissions along with the deposit, the completed medical card and UK Guardian details. On acceptance you will receive a pack of information, including uniform list, insurance details and term dates. A further pack of joining instructions which includes transport and boarding house information is sent prior to the start date.

NOTE: Students living outside of the European Union require a Confirmation of Acceptance to Study letter (CAS) to support their visa application to the United Kingdom Border Agency (UKBA). This will be issued on completion of all of the above steps. Your Agent will be able to help you with this. Sidcot School will not issue a CAS unless all criteria are met as per the UK Border Agency Regulations and in accordance with the Sidcot School Tier 4 Policy.

Entry Requirements

We ask all prospective International students to sit an assessment test in English and Maths to assess their ability to cope with the academic courses. For entry to our Senior School and Year 11 Pathway (ages 12 to 16 years), students need to be able to speak and understand the English language to a minimum of B1 on the Common European Framework. Entry into Sixth Form to study A Levels requires a minimum of B2. For IB, a minimum of C1 is required.

Working as an Agent for Sidcot

For further information about becoming a partner agency of Sidcot in your country, please contact The Registrar in Admissions.