Primary School Swim Lessons

Our refurbished 25m pool is available for local primary schools to book for school group swimming lessons. The pool is kept at a beautifully warm 30 degrees and with exclusive pool use it is the perfect environment to learn to swim.

The lessons are run by our Swim England (ASA) qualified swim teachers with a lifeguard on poolside. We use the Swim England Framework to deliver lessons to enable swimmers to reach and exceed the national curriculum requirements for swimming and water safety. We recommend lessons of 30 minutes or 45 minutes, 60 minutes lessons will be considered on request.

We are aware of the difficulties school face to fund swimming lessons, therefore we keep our prices as low as possible whilst covering staffing and facilities costs. Please email Tasha at for more information on pricing.


Why are swimming and water safety lessons important?
1 - Swimming and Water Safety is included within the national curriculum PE programme of Study
2 - Primary school is the only opportunity some young people will have to learn these important life-enhancing and potentially life-saving skills
3 - Having a good experience at school will help build a life-long swimming habit which could include numerous water-based activities
Teaching Swimming and Water Safety at Key stage 1 or 2 guide