Essential Information

Sidcot Holiday Club joining information

Contact numbers for general enquiries during the Holiday Club are 07849 644236 (Emma Webster, Out of School Care Manager).


Parking is available in the Junior School car park.

Whilst the School will make all reasonable efforts to protect the property of visitors, please note that those parking private cars within the confines of the School do so at their own risk. The School will not be responsible for any losses or theft from vehicles. 

On arrival

Please arrive at Sidcot Junior School from 8.30am for registration. We respectfully ask that children are registered by 9.20am so that activities can begin at 9.30am.  We will require a parent/guardian to sign children in each day.

On departure

Children can be picked up from the Junior School at 4pm, 4.30pm or 5.30pm. We will require a parent/guardian to sign their children out each day. All children must be picked up by 5.30pm. Drop off and collection is at the Junior School.

What the children need to bring

Food & drink: All children will need to bring two snacks for a morning and afternoon break, a packed lunch and a drink in a refillable bottle.

Packed lunch: Since we do not have a fridge large enough to store all children’s packed lunches, please ensure that your child has an ice block in their bag to keep food chilled. 

We respectfully ask that wherever possible you refrain from giving your child peanut butter sandwiches and other snacks containing nuts, as we do have children with severe allergies to such foods attending our Holiday Club.

Clothing: We ask that all children bring a waterproof coat and wellington boots and recommend that children wear pumps or trainers during our sessions. 

We encourage the children to take part in a wide range of activities which are likely to include the use of paints and glue. Though we take precautions to avoid clothes becoming marked or stained, accidents can still occur. With this in mind we respectfully ask that children do not come wearing their best or favourite clothes. 


Please refer to the activity list to ensure that your child knows what the activities for the day are due to be, and that they are suitably dressed. If, for whatever reason, you do not wish your child to take part in any of the activities on offer please ensure that you put this in writing to us prior to them coming into Holiday Club. 

Swimming: Children in the main Holiday Club aged 5 – 11 years will also require swim wear and a towel, as they will go swimming every day.

If your child is a non-swimmer and/or requires armbands, please ensure that you either send these in with your child or notify us in advance that you require armbands. Though Sidcot does have a supply, we cannot guarantee to have enough for all children who are attending on any given day.  If armbands require inflating, please ensure that this is done at home.

All of our swimming sessions are supervised by a qualified lifeguard as well as our own staff.

We positively discourage personal and/or valuable items being brought into the club in order to avoid the possibility of distress caused if other children get hold of a child’s treasured/favourite items. However, we recognise that some children need these items for comfort. In these situations we will encourage them to put their ‘comforter’ in a safe place as soon as they feel ready to do so.

Lost property

If you think your child may have left belongings behind at our Holiday Club, please email us: