Random Acts of Kindness

You may have been aware of the term ‘RAK’ being used by students this week. For those who may be wondering, it stands for ‘Random Acts of Kindness’ as this is the week, nationally and internationally, when we are encouraged to focus particularly on that most basic of human interactions – care for others. One may question whether it is necessary to devote a whole week to something that goes on all the time, but the thinking behind RAK Week is to bring the benefits of helping others front and centre.

In a school like ours, kindness sits at the very foundation of the way in which we conduct ourselves and I see random acts every day. Sidcot students can be characterised by their open, friendly disposition. Holding doors, saying good morning, smiling – traits that may sound old-fashioned and even ‘twee’ – are everyday occurrences in the Sidcot corridors. And long may this continue to be the case, because it doesn’t happen everywhere. My job takes me into a number of schools throughout the year and you can immediately tell those that are open and friendly, because the warmth greets you at the door. Sadly, the converse is also true.

As much as anything, we should be actively encouraging acts of kindness – either random or customary – as ways of developing the moral compass of all our young people. They are our best chance for a positive future and one founded on care for others seems absolutely the right thing to do.

Feb – 2019