What Matters? | Bridging Curriculum Day

Taking as inspiration our School campaign, ‘What Matters?’, our first Bridging Curriculum Day of the academic year encouraged our students to explore our Quaker ethos, think deeply about the world around us and how we can create the positive change we would like to see.

Via a range of Sixth Form-enacted drama scenarios, presentations, workshops and projects throughout the morning, students from both the Junior and Senior Schools (J5-Lower Fourth) reflected on questions including:

  • What is a change-maker and who might be a change-maker?
  • What matters about how we behave towards ourselves and others?
  • What matters about my learning and the learning of others?
  • What matters about living and learning with technology?

We were incredibly impressed by the depth of thought and debate that was developed throughout these sessions and are pleased to include some student reflections on the event, here:

By Ruby & Ottilie, Year 6 Students

On Tuesday the 28th, we were lucky enough to experience Bridging Curriculum Day. This day’s theme was ‘What Matters?’. Years 5, 6, 7 and 8 all gathered in the Meeting House to discuss this topic. Before we gathered in our groups, we found out about what kind of things mattered in our world like: climate change, poverty, equality and human rights. We then split into eight groups and went to different parts of the school to work on projects, relating to this topic. In our groups, we talked about lots of different things relating to the subject ‘What Matters?’.

Ruby's Day:

In Group 5, we discussed teamwork and that peacemakers do not work alone; they have many other people who work with them to make a difference. We played lots of games in which we had to use teamwork and communication. Me and a few other girls were chosen to present in front of the rest of the pupils; we played the floor is lava and had to get from one side of the room to the other using foam mats. We freeze framed to show what we were doing like when we were planning how to cross, using communication and showing empathy when someone fell off a mat.

Ottilie's Day:

In Group 7, we were encouraged to create a creative piece of work on what we thought mattered. We formed mini groups to create powerful pieces to try and activate change. My mini group created a poster on gender stereotypes and to show how wrong they are. We then decided on the piece to share with everybody else and to represent what we were doing in our group. It felt good to share our thoughts and ideas on this intriguing subject. We then ended a very enjoyable morning with lunch with the Senior School.

In conclusion, it was a very interesting and eye-opening day. We got to listen to everyone’s opinions of 'What Matters?' and discovered that there are lots of different things that do, like stereotypes, teamwork, empathy and equal rights.

By Liv, Year 7 Student

On the Bridging Curriculum Day we were looking at 'What Matters?' We started the day in the Meeting House and we had lots of objects, feelings and things on the whiteboard and we had to choose the five things that mattered most to us. We then separated into eight different groups and we had to think about 'What Matters?' In my group we were thinking about schools of the future, AI and technology in general. Other groups were looking at: climate change, littering, friends and family, clean water and poverty. Bridging Curriculum Days give us a chance to look, think and perform things that we wouldn’t usually do in normal lessons. They often bring up awareness of our planet, like fast fashion, and sensitive topics, like poverty, and make us think about what our future looks like. It also gives Senior and Junior School students a chance to learn together and it makes it easier to transition up to the Senior School, as you make friends in older years. Bridging Curriculum Days are really fun for teachers and students to interact with each other, doing something different (rather than just being in an ordinary lesson!)

By Sarah, Year 7 Student

On Bridging Curriculum Day, we were looking at 'What matters?' to us. We started our day in the Meeting House with Mrs Resuggan and had a brief explanation about 'What Matters?' means. Later, we were split into groups mixed with other years, varied at Year 5 to 8. We were then later sent a task on making a presentation, poster or an acting scene. For example, in our group we were focusing on schools of the future and how even though it could be exciting, it could be uncomfortable. Other groups were focusing on other topics such as Poverty, Human Rights, and more! Bridging Curriculum Day is a time where we reflect and are thankful about all we have in the UK. Overall, it was a fun experience that will keep us thinking. 

Our Bridging Curriculum Days form part of our transition work, supporting students as they make the move from the Junior School environment to secondary. The work forms an important role in supporting our students’ understanding of our School’s core values and to explore and express their place as active citizens in the world.