U12 North Somerset Schools Football Tournament @ Backwell School

A tough day in the office for the team that has shown a great deal of promise so far this season.

Backwell hosted a fab tournament with Sidcot, pitched up against Gordano, Priory, Churchill and Nailsea Schools – all very competent competitors.

Playing with real heart throughout we struggled to keep the ball and make good breaks having to defend counter attack upon counter attack. The defensive line held up for most of the barrage but had to give at some point; Eban Dalton, Henry Williams and Ethan Linnitt all working hard.

Midfield worked hard but lack that connection as a team that we had last week, Fletcher Hann being the glue for most attacking moves.

Some of the highlights were held by the men in-between the sticks. Alex Milne made some awesome saves and was tough to get past. He supported Zak Lloyd (our new signing) from behind the net when he had his shot and a magic moment came when Zak Saved a certain goal and the boys all celebrated with him.

The final game vs Hanspraice was a different story. We eventually found out feet and dominated, winning 2-0 but Football was the real winner and the team the real champions!

MVP(s) – Alex Milne and Fletcher Hann

Thank you Mrs Linnitt for the photos – shows how a close knit group we are!

Matt Lloyd
Director of Sport