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IB: Group 2 – Second Language

Modern Languages: Higher & Standard Level

What could this course lead to?

Language is a boost on any UCAS form, for employment prospects and an invaluable life skill. Alongside other subjects it strengthens your application to encompass a wider perspective of the world particularly in Business, Law, Management or further languages, History and English.

GCSEs required

Your chosen language to GCSE and preferably with an A* or A grade.

Ab initio Standard Level Spanish and Italian

(We may introduce other ab initio courses in languages as demand changes). This course is for a beginner who has little or no previous knowledge of learning this language. This would suit students who have not enjoyed great success with their existing language study or those who are keen to explore new linguistic experiences.

Language B Standard Level German, French and Spanish

This course is for the student who is good at this language with two to five years’ experience but does not wish to continue study of the language beyond the diploma.

Language B Higher Level German, French and Spanish

This course is for the student who intends to study the language for a future career (or to meet a Diploma requirement) and has 4 to 5 years’ experience of this language.

Language A: Language and Literature Standard and Higher Level

German/Italian This course is for near native or native speakers of Italian or German who are also studying English in Group 1 and will lead to a bilingual IB Diploma.

How does the Higher Level differ to the Standard Level?

Although the content is similar and you will develop the same skills, the extent to which you study each topic is not in as much depth for the Standard Level compared to the Higher Level.

How is it examined?

There are two examination papers and an oral exam:

  • Text Handling tests your reading comprehension
  • Written essay in the foreign language - 250+ words at SL, 400+ words at HL
  • Part of the oral exam is a one to one discussion with your teacher, the other half is based on your contributions in class-based exercises, groups discussions and presentations

Examination Method

Two examination papers and oral examinations

What will I be studying?

At IB Higher and Standard Level you will continue to improve your ability to use and understand the language. However, alongside the quality of the language used, more importance is accorded to the style and the content of your communication. The language is taught through prescribed core and option topics and these can be largely of your choosing and may be social, historical, political or cultural aspects of any country where the language is used. As well as opening up your language study to include Africa, South America, etc., this can often tie in with work you are doing in other subjects, ie., the role of the media, healthy eating, tourism and its effects on the environment. Short literary texts and films are sometimes studied to complement a topic.

Are there any trips or extracurricular activities linked to this course?

There are a variety of trips and activities associated with this subject please see the course tutor for more information.

What benefits does this subject have for university entrance?

As explained before there are huge benefits, particularly in today’s globalised economy. However, universities and employers are keen to see awareness and a commitment to the value of foreign language skills in adult life.

What skills or learning approach do I need for this subject?

A good understanding of grammar to help your written work. General reading is encouraged in your chosen language, texts, newspapers and journals. 
An understanding of writing in different styles: formal letters, newspaper editorials, diary entries and speeches.

Coursework: Written assignment.

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