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IB: Group 5

Mathematics & Mathematical Studies: Higher & Standard Level

What could this course lead to?

Develops the skills needed for the mathematical aspects of a wide range of subjects, including Business Studies, Economics, Technology, Engineering and the Natural Sciences.

GCSEs required

Dependent on choice of course: please see below for details.

GCSEs required 

Higher Level Mathematics. Students should have gained a grade A* or equivalent at GCSE and have a natural aptitude for mathematics. This course goes well beyond A Level Maths and is much closer to Further Maths in level of difficulty and content covered. Standard Level Mathematics: students should have gained a grade B or equivalent at Higher Tier GSCE; students with lower than grade B will find the Standard Level course challenging. This course goes beyond AS Level Maths. Mathematical Studies: Students should have gained a grade C at GCSE or equivalent. 

What University courses or professions could this lead me to?

Higher Level Mathematics: The course provides a sound basis for students wishing to pursue sciences, engineering economics or similar mathematics-related courses at university level. The course covers a wide range of traditional topics with detail and rigour, enabling the students to develop high standards of mathematical processing and problem solving.

Standard Level Mathematics: This course provides grounding for students considering a degree in a subject which requires mathematical understanding including Natural Sciences, Social Sciences, Business and Economics.

Mathematical Studies: This course provides grounding for students considering a degree in a subject which requires some mathematical understanding including Social Sciences, Business and Economics.

What will I be studying?

Higher Level: algebra, functions and equations, trigonometry, matrices, vectors, statistics and probability and calculus. Additionally, students must study one of the options which include statistics and probability, discrete mathematics. A decision as to which topic is to be chosen will be taken during the course.

Standard Level: algebra, functions and equations, trigonometry, matrices, vectors, statistics and probability and calculus. There is no additional option for this course, as there is for the Higher Level.

Mathematical Studies: number and algebra, descriptive statistics, logic, sets and probability, statistical applications, geometry and trigonometry, mathematical models, and introduction to differential calculus.

What benefits does this subject have for university entrance?

Mathematics is a highly regarded traditional subject that is essential for entry into some university courses. Mathematics also provides skills that can be applied to a wide range of courses and is viewed as a desirable subject in most applications.

What skills or learning approach do I need for this subject?

You will require a logical mind for problem solving, confidence in analysing and working with numbers, an investigative approach with a wide knowledge and deep understanding of mathematical processes. Students are expected to own and use a graphic calculator for this course and we give students the 
opportunity to buy a calculator through the school. Please do not purchase one in advance.

Will I need to do coursework?


How is it examined?

Higher Level Maths: During the course, the students will undertake a project, worth 20%. The end of course assessment comprises three examination papers; two on the main content (30% each) and a shorter paper on the chosen option (20%).

Standard Level Maths: During the course, the student will undertake a project, worth 20%. This is assessed by the teacher and externally moderated nby the IBO. The end of course assessment comprises two examination papers worth 40% each.

Mathematical Studies: Assessment is by two written papers (three hours in total) worth 40% each, and an individual project, worth 20%, that focuses on the collection of information or the generation of measurements and the analysis and evaluation of that information.

Examination method

Three written papers for Higher Level. Two written papers for Standard Level. Two written papers for Mathematical Studies.

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