Sixth-form a-level-history

IB: Group 3 – Individuals & Society

History: Higher & Standard Level

What could this course lead to?

Past History students have gone on to courses as diverse as Theatre Management and accounting as well as more traditional History related courses.

GCSEs required

It is not necessary to have studied History at GCSE or its equivalent In order to study History at either Standard Level or Higher Level.

What will I be studying?

Standard Level:

Prescribed Subject 1

  • Rights and Protest (USA and South Africa)
  • Authoritarian States (twentieth century)
  • The Cold War: superpower tensions and rivalries (twentieth century)
  • Plus an Internal Assignment, on a topic of     your choice

Higher Level:

All of the above plus

  • Aspects of the History of Europe

What benefits does this subject have for university entrance?

History is traditionally very highly regarded by universities. The analytical skills required and the ability to construct a reasoned argument are skills that can be used across a number of disciplines.

What skills or learning approach do I need for this subject?

History develops a number of transferable skills. Students learn to analyse sources, construct arguments and debate issues. They develop their skills in extended writing and learn to carry out Independent research.

How does the Higher Level differ to the Standard Level?

Higher Level students study for an additional exam paper which is essay based.

How is it examined?

Standard Level:

External assessment 75%

  • Paper 1: 1 hour
  • Paper 2: 1.5 hours

Internal assessment 25%

Higher Level:

External assessment 80%

  • Paper 1: 20%
  • Paper 2: 25%
  • Paper 3: 2.5 hours 35%

Internal assessment 20%

Will I need to do coursework? 

Students undertake an Internal Assessment on a subject of their choice and work independently to produce a 2000 word, structured essay. It is worth 25% of the final mark at Standard Level and 20% at Higher Level.

Examination method

  • Two written examinations for Standard Level.
  • Three written examinations for Higher Level

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