Modern Languages: Higher & Standard Level

What will you do on this course?

Ab initio Standard Level Spanish and Italian (We may introduce other ab initio courses in languages as demand changes).

This course is for a beginner who has little or no previous knowledge of learning this language. This would suit students who have not enjoyed great success with their existing language study or those who are keen to explore new linguistic experiences.

Language B Standard Level German, French and Spanish:

This course is for the student who is good at this language with two to five years’ experience but does not wish to continue study of the language beyond the diploma.

Language B Higher Level German, French and Spanish:

This course is for the student who intends to study the language for a future career (or to meet a Diploma requirement) and has 4 to 5 years’ experience of this language.

How will you be assessed?

There are two examination papers and an oral exam:

  • Text Handling tests your reading comprehension
  • Writing examination requires students to use different text types to discuss issues and events
  • Listening Comprehension examination
  • The oral exam is a one to one discussion with your teacher based on Literature (Higher Level) or a topic studied (Standard Level)

What could this course lead to?

Language is a boost on any UCAS form, for employment prospects and an invaluable  life skill. Alongside other subjects it strengthens your application to encompass a wider perspective of the world particularly in Business, Law, Management or further languages, History and English.