A Level


What could this course lead to?

Psychology has links with lots of different university courses and careers. It is regarded as a humanities subject or a social science, depending on the type of university course. Psychology is useful in a huge variety of university programmes, including sports, business, theatre, politics, biology, medicine, education and, of course, psychology itself.

GCSEs required

Students will require GCSE in English and Mathematics at grade B or above, or foreign equivalents.

What will I be studying?

AS Level

For the first year you will study a whole range of psychological research and theories. This means you will develop an overview of the subject to compare the different approaches. It will also help students see the relationship of Psychology to other disciplines and to gain some insight into the interconnections among different topic areas within Psychology. Topics covered include memory, individual differences, social psychology and research methods. The entire course will help you understand yourself and your behaviour and that of others around you.

A Level

In the second year specialist choices illustrate the application of psychology. You will also develop your evaluative and analytical skills.

Are there any trips or extracurricular activities linked to this course?

We will visit @Bristol for a psychology experience workshop.

What benefits does this subject have for university entrance?

Studying psychology provides students with a range of transferrable skills which will benefit them greatly at university. For example, modern psychology courses include elements of statistics, experimental analysis and evaluative skills. Students can use their knowledge of psychology to help them understand human behaviour relevant for a wide range of university courses as well as using the more general skills learned in psychology.

What skills or learning approach do I need for this subject?

Psychology students need to have an interest in people, and what makes them ‘tick’. It is also helpful to be able to reflect on personal experiences. You will be expected to be able to construct and write essays and look at different arguments concerning 
a situation. 

Sometimes, there is no ‘right’ answer, so psychology students need to evaluate evidence and come to logical conclusions.

25% of marks are now for mathematical content so a good understanding of mathematics is vital. 

Will I need to do coursework? 


What syllabus do you follow?

AQA: www.aqa.org.uk 

Examination method

Written exam x2
At AS Level two exams 1 hour 30 minutes each.

A Level two exams 1 hour 30 minutes each.

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