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A Level

Physical Education

What could this course lead to?

This course provides an excellent introduction to those wishing to study sports science, physiotherapy, sports coaching and journalism, leisure and tourism or any other sports related course.

GCSEs required

All combinations are acceptable although it is desirable to have studied Physical Education to GCSE standard.

What will I be studying?

The AS PE (H154) is run in Year 12 and A Level PE (H554) during Year 13. The course includes theoretical and practical aspects of the course which aim to develop an insight and understanding of movement, performance and behaviour in relation to play, sport, physical education, recreation and to develop the knowledge and skill to enable students to reach a high standard of performance.

Are there any trips or extracurricular activities linked to this course?

Each year the students attend examination and revision courses run by the board and are encouraged to attend elite level sporting occasions so see the very best of sporting practice.

What benefits does this subject have for university entrance?

Physical Education is regarded as a Science and it has value for entrance on many university courses, not just those with a sporting element.

What skills or learning approach do I need for this subject?

This is a social and physical science based course that requires the candidates to establish the link between theory and practice and develop the ability to critically evaluate performance.

How is it examined?

AS Level

The AS course comprises of two units that are worth 100% of the AS final grade and go towards 50% of the final A Level grade:

  • Unit G451 = Theory 60% –

a) Anatomy and physiology
b) Acquisition of movement and skill
c) Socio-cultural issues in sport

  • Unit G452 = Practical 40% –

a) Performance in two sports/ activities
b)  Evaluating and planning improvement (oral exam)

A Level

The A Level course comprises of four Units:

  • •     Units G451 = 30% and Unit G452 = 20% from AS course.
  • •     Unit G453 = Theory 35% (Option units, select 3 – at least one from A).

a) Socio-cultural issues: (A1) Historical option, (A Level) Comparative option
b) Scientific Focus: (B1) Psychology option, (B2) Biomechanics, (B3) Exercise physiology

  • Unit G454 = Practical 15%

a) Performance in one sport/activity
b) Evaluating, appreciation and improvement (oral exam)

Video evidence of all practical performances and analysis (oral exam) must be submitted to examiners.

Will I need to do coursework? 

There is a significant coursework requirement in both years of study comprising practical performance and live critical evaluation.

What syllabus do you follow?

We currently follow the A Level syllabus provided by OCR: ocr.org.uk

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