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A Level


What could this course lead to?

The AQA course has been revised to enable candidates to choose a path best suited to their needs. This could be within the music industry, academic study or for interest.

GCSEs required

GCSE Music is required to take A Level Music. However, if you have studied at Grade 7/8 Level (e.g. ABRSM or Trinity College London) on an instrument you would enjoy this course. A Level Music will provide candidates with the knowledge and experience required for all forms of further and higher education. It will give you an understanding, and encourage appreciation, of all music genres in all contexts.

What will I be studying?

You will be studying three different aspects of music, namely:

  • Influences on Music - This will be the historical knowledge and set work, which includes Musical Theatre
  • Creating Musical Ideas - This is the coursework composing section. A brief is given to us by the examination board
  • Performing - Two performances which will be recorded over the year. One solo and ensemble performance although using music technology and multi tracking is now an option

Are there any trips or extracurricular activities linked to this course?

A Level students will attend many concerts and musical theatre performances throughout the year.

What skills or learning approach do I need for this subject?

You will need to be above Grade 5 in any instrument or voice and it would be advantageous to have Grade 5 Theory of Music or be working towards it.

How is it examined?

Component 1: Appraising Music

  • Section A: Listening (56 marks)
  • Section B: Analysis (34 marks)
  • Section C: Essay (30 marks)

This component is 40% of A-level marks (120 marks).

Component 2: Performance

Solo and/or ensemble performing as an instrumentalist. Or vocalist and/or music production. A minimum of 10 mins of performance in total is required (no more than 12 mins). This component is 35% of A Level marks. This component will be externally marked by AQA examiners.

Component 3: Composition

  • Composition 1: Composition to a brief.
  • Composition 2: Free composition

A minimum of four and a half minutes of music in total is required (no more than six minutes), 25% of A Level, Externally Assessed by AQA.

What syllabus do you follow?

AQA: www.aqa.org.uk 

Examination method: 

Three projects and one written paper for AS Level Six projects and two written papers for A Level

Coursework: Yes.

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