We are very proud of the high standard of food at Sidcot. The School currently holds five stars from the local authorities for the exceptional food safety management procedures we have implemented. Our ‘in house’ team of caterers ensure the fresh produce we procure is expertly transformed into an array of traditional and speciality menus. The importance of a balanced diet sits at the core of the School’s ethos.


We are very aware of the importance food plays in children’s lives; not only from a nutritional point of view to sustain their wellbeing but also in terms of communal dining and the experience of bringing people together. Pupils at Sidcot enjoy a wide variety of tastes and flavours from around the world and parents can relax knowing there are plenty of fresh and healthy options available at all meal times. The ambience of the light and spacious refectory ensures a pleasurable dining experience on every occasion.  


We care about the environment and look to source our food from local suppliers to reduce the School’s carbon footprint. Our fish carries the Marine Stewardship Council certification and our local butchers ensure the meat we use is to the highest quality and accreditation to protect the welfare standards of livestock.

Pupil Feedback

We listen carefully to the feedback we get from pupil, whether it is received directly or through the Food Council which is actively attended by a cross section of our pupils. Pupil feedback is essential in planning menus – meal suggestions from pupils often make their way on to the menu.